Sunday, 16 February 2014

To have and to hold?

I'm running out of wall space at Pottery Cottage, not least because there are 22 windows, but maybe I can find a place for these pigeon holes? They're more sturdy than most wirework shelves I have seen, and I can think of many things (stationary, shoes, toys, books, ceramics, plants) they could be used to hold. What do you think, should I buy them? 

My not-so-secret admirer

Familiar handwriting on 14th Feburary...same admirer has sent cards to my sister and I for 30+ years. I think the idea is he never wanted a year to go by when his girls didn't receive a card on Valentine's Day, so he sends one each year just to be sure. I've kept most of them.

Thanks Pa! X

Shades of Green

Masks behind closed doors

In a non-descript looking office space above an estate agents in Hay, I found these... 

From a visit to the studio of Circo Gringo

A walk in the woods

A wibbly-wobbly one

Weeks of wobbling and it STILL hasn't fallen out. 

The End

I am very excited to be working on a joint project with two very talented people in Hay. I can't say more at this point, but these photos are a small taster!

Pedalling the Gospel Pass

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Running for the hills

Sunday walk on the Begwyns with a group of pals. (Running for the Hills is also the title of a rather nice book by local boy, Horacio Clare, about growing up on a hillside around here: 

'Tell you a secret'