Sunday, 20 October 2013

I'm forever picking berries

The boys are singing this harvest song (to the tune of I'm forever blowing bubbles) in their little high-pitched voices while picking blackberries from the hedges in Pottery Cottage garden.

I'm forever picking berries 
Juicy berries everywhere
They like to grow
High in the hedgerow
Sweet, soft and dark they almost glow
They taste good in crumble
Smoothies, tarts and treats
I'm forever picking berries 
Juicy berries I love to eat

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Circo Gringo

Bit late in posting this, but fab to see work by Hay girl Cassie, of Circo Gringo, in the Sunday Times a couple of weekends back. A four-page fashion shoot featured Cassie's masks and I was chuffed to hear today that she's had several orders on the back of it.

Tourist in town

Rambla de Mar

Bunking off school!

Snippers and slippers

Fitting right in

Watch out: chip thief!

Market wonderland

Fernicular fun & lazy lunch

Local classics

Mooching about

Friends reunited

We were three weeks late for Henry's birthday party, but there was plenty of excitement all the same for a reunion of Henry and Sethie, and a sleepover at the Mount-Scott's new pad. We enjoyed seeing Cintra, Ian, Henry and Luca in their new home, still with limited furniture but with huge windows and views out on a buzzing Barcelona.

Festa Major de Sarria - Castellera

Festa Major de Sarria - Correfoc

Festa Major de Sarria - La Baixada de Carros