Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Moving countries, standing still

Moving country, Bo's first day at school, finally moved into Pottery Cottage 16 months after buying it, oak floor fitting, full house for the next week, car troubles - clearly loads of spare time, so why not sign up to sit (or stand in my case) for a portrait for a week?!

It is pretty tedious to stand still for a fairly long period of time, especially as most of my supposed thinking time goes into concentrating on keeping the pose and not falling asleep. Really happy to be doing it though, mostly to see how classically trained portrait artist Lucy Corbett works and cool to how the portraits - by Lucy and her student - are turning out.

More on this, and from the last weeks in Colonia, Buenos Aires and first days in Wales soon.......after Easter most likely, and I promise to stop being lazy and post words as well as pictures.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Thumbs up

She sells seashells on the seashore

Sand babies

Casa Zinc

We had such a lovely night away at Casa Zinc in La Barra, and thanks to Ollie's sister and Casa Zinc as it was a complimentary night that the hotel gave to Boney and she passed on to us. Anyone who has seen the house we've been living in here in Colonia will realise what a treat it was for us to have a night away at this gorgeous hotel. We were all in bed and asleep by 10pm which is completely unheard of in our family!


Jose Ignacio

Balch boys at La Barra

Mama's little helpers

At last, Friday!

Squeezing in another evening together. This time, Friday night night empanadas at my home for a week on Baez and Arevelo on maybe the last hot evening of the year. The temperature has suddenly dropped, especially in the evenings and I'm bracing myself for the return to chilly Wales next week.

Friday in the park

 Mr Matt entertains the kids

...while the girls chat, at birthday tea at the new garden cafe at the Sivori in Palermo park. Lovely spot!

 The cutest redhead in town, baby Elise almost one month old already!

 Boundless energy

Friday is pancho day, and this time with the drivers of the number 10 bus alongside the polo ground on our walk back to Las Canitas.