Thursday, 31 January 2013

Lazy summer days

Tomorrow the boys complete their first month at summer school at the rowing club. They have loved it, but after a morning packed full with activities they've just wanted to hang out together in the afternoons. So we've been going to the beach right next to the rowing club for a swim and a picnic, and then the boys play with their cars in the shade and I read in the sun. It's a pretty good set up.
We're getting quite good at sand-modelling too and playing Top Trumps, and when we get too hot we lie in the shallow water on our tummies and let the waves lap over our backs.

 On a clear day you can make out the skyline of Buenos Aires on the horizon, behind the two islands.

Cooling down

Hard to lie low in Colonia when you have this one with you.

Sunday in the sun

Check out the tree house!

 Less of a garden, more like a park. It just went on and on and on. Made the return to our little concrete patio quite a struggle.

 Freshly picked cherry tomatoes. I ate most of them (tomatoes here are usually pretty flavourless).

Happiness is.... finding a train set and spending three hours flat on your tummy driving trains around the track.

 Sethie fishing and swimming with his new friend Benito until sundown

Counting down to Buenos Aires

It is very, very hot. As blissful as it sounds, three hours is the longest as I can last on a beach. We're all hot and tired and the air in our house stopped moving about a week ago. Everyone's cranky and it's time for us to get on a boat and have a change of scene for a week. Just need to make it through the next 20 hours.

Friday, 25 January 2013


Thanks to Jen, a friend of a friend of a friend who was in Colonia yesterday for the day, for this family photo. I don't remember the last time we had one taken of the four of us together. Given the rarity, great that Bo dressed for the occasion (and bed) by himself or Ollie....whatever, same difference when it comes to finding things that match. Happy times, and we had fun with Jen and Janel.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Lazy Sunday

Seth's been in a bit of a grump this week, very unlike him, so I told him this morning to go and see my friend Mr Happy. It seemed to work and he wandered off and came back with a big fake smile, and was full of fun for the rest of the day.

Also out of character, I slept today from 4-8pm. Haven't done that for years. I can't even sleep at night usually, so it felt wonderfully self-indulgent to take such a long nap. Ollie took the boys to the beach where apparently they were swimming way out in the shallow waters, shouting 'South Americaaaaa' like they'd swum across the Atlantic and just reached their destination.

Good impressions

Seth smiling like Mama


Saturday, 19 January 2013

Super rocket


Beer, hecha en Colonia

'Wow, gorgeous!' Sadly, Ollie not talking about me but about the artisanal beer at Barbot. This new bar opened last week, owners are an Argentine family, and they're making nine different beers onsite. Ollie tried the Burton Bitter and the Thames IPS, both delicious. Good addition to the barrio, just around the corner from our house on Washington Barbot. The Mexican style food was also pretty good. Uruguayans don't really drink wine, we've found, so I think they're onto a winner specialising in beer. The tasting of nine beers in small glasses seems to be pretty popular already.

Friday, 18 January 2013

With love from Francis Mallman

Look what my sister-in-law gave me! I'm very happy, and with some fire irons from Mr Ward and our new parrilla grill we are eating like kings in our little pauper's patio.

Reverse view, familiar ground

From the old town, walking back to our house which is front of the tin shed (Ollie thinks it's ugly, I quite like it). Many hours are whiled away on the green in front of the shed, playing football, me reading books, Seth drawing pictures of the houses, the imps making a den in the trees to the right, watching the boats go to and from Buenos Aires, drinking mate in the early evening and watching the sun set....

The end of the road

Walk a block and a half from our house, turn right up these steps and there's the drawbridge and the old town of Colonia. The boys were excited to see that the paintings on the wall of this house are of carnival (our favourite part of the carnival was the old men who were all comical and did a grand job of acting the part for a good few hours throughout the show).

'Who's that trip trapping over my bridge?'


We're all missing having a comfy sofa so we take advantage of the super squishy couch at the ice-cream shop. This afternoon: dulce de leche granizado and maracuya for Bo, pistachio and vanilla for Seth, followed by some laying about on the white leather sofa, watching the Australian Open.

Senior imp

My lovely Sethie showing off his chubby little hands and cute freckled nose.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Family fun

Boney. Older sister, sister-in-law, aunt, godmother, friend and our most frequent visitor - amazingly she travelled to see us four times in Argentina, and also to India, Holland, Spain, Wales, and just now to Uruguay. Always lovely to have her around.

Miss you already, Bones, see you in London!

My little pottery shop

Bo, doing a great job of attracting potential customers. Unfortunately they tend to be more interested in him than in buying ceramics.