Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Buenos Aiiiires

After a few slow months on the blog, I've decided not to try and catch up, but start afresh here in South America. I'll post about things from around Hay when I have time or when I'm feeling nostalgic.
After a long, long journey here due TAM cancelling the flight from London to Sao Paulo, I finally arrived, at 3am local time, 46 hours after we left Clyro on a chilly Sunday morning.

It feels so good to be back in Buenos Aires. It all feels familiar and like the last 18 months away hadn't happened. I'm very snoozy, but have already enjoyed catching up with old friends and taking photos like a real tourist, and taking in the things we love about Argentina. But of course, the best part was being back together with Ollie. We all coped with a month apart pretty well, too busy to miss each other much, but it's great to be four again.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

...and from Hay to Buenos Aires

I'm flying to Buenos Aires this evening. Blogging will resume from there!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Last rays of summer

We ate outside for as long as we could, until late September. Now we're back in the building site, huddled around an electric heater...
Steak with Macu's chimmichurri - YUMMY!!

Term begins

We weren't expecting to be back in Clyro in September, but suddenly the summer had ended and work hadn't finished on the house and we were now going to Uruguay, not Argentina, so we booked flights for Ollie at the end of September, and the boys and me a month later. So Bo has the bonus of another half-term at Crocodiles, with us now doing a lift share with his little pals William and Ellis.

Sethie's moved up into Reception and is really taking everything very seriously and tells me about everything he's done in great detail. Cookery is one of his favourite activities, here he is showing off his apple crumble:

Gold post box for Hay - and Horsforth

The gold postbox in Hay - thanks to Josie Pearson. The boys and I happened to be passing as it was being painted, which was fun. Horsforth, where I grew up also has a gold post box as Alistair Brownlee grew up there. Residents of nearby Bramhope, where Ollie and I got married, and where the Brownlee brothers now live, were miffed that they'd missed out on a gold postbox. One local resident painted it gold himself, and was doubly put out that the Royal Mail repainted it red the next day.

India Rising - in India

It's always exciting to receive a package from India because the contents are first wrapped in cloth, handstitched to seal, and then wrapped in paper. It was especially exciting to unwrap this package this one and find a copy of the Faber/Penguin India's copy of India Rising. Thanks to Penguin India for doing a fantastic job with both the marketing and sales. It's been spotted in the top 10 in major airport bookshops!

Cross-country travel

The morning after Macu & Jamie's wedding I travelled back to Clyro with Seth and Bo, two car seats (thanks to Ollie's dad for making me this very useful double car seat back pack) and two large bags. Kelvedon-Liverpool Street-Paddington-Newport-Abergavenny-Clryo. The boys were superstars and spent most of the journey like this:

Macu & Jamie get hitched

My sunny garden

Pottery Cottage, early September 2012

Penithon party (II)

This year we stayed on for a few days at Penithon, after the weekend party had finished, and we really enjoyed the quieter days with just a few of us rattling around in the big house. We had more elbow room at the table, and there was no way for me to duck out of Scottish dancing in the evening. It was a little bit of calm that we needed in the midst of several crises at home.
Penithon Hall without the people, feels so strange! Here's how we know it best:

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Penithon party (I)

Pics from Douglas and Vanessa's September party at Penithon Hall.

Our room this year: The East Room

The boys make themselves at home for an early morning breakfast. As we're now living just an hour away, they get to visit whenever Granny & 'Dad' are here for other parties.
Breakfast bell
Morning walks

Uncle Bo with Rufus
How this all began...