Wednesday, 22 August 2012

River bathing at The Ciliau

Pottery Cottage by morning

The best thing about the garden at Pottery Cottage is that it catches any bit of sun that shines during the day. In the early, early morning when the boys wak (6am!) it's in the far corner of the garden, where the flower beds are. By 9am, if the sun is out, the garden is flooded in sunlight and it stays like that until early evening, and the garden cottage terrace has sun until sunset. On the street side of the house there is little sun, but that's why we've reworked the cottage so that functionally that side is the rear of the house.
The blue tarpaulin has finally gone! We now have a ridiculously tall flue, but we bought it second-hand and for now replacing it is low down the priority list. I've started painting the garden cottage end Lime White (it looks very cream on the street side where there is less sunlight) and have since found out that it used to be that colour, but was painted white by the previous owners. I'm guessing white was the original colour though as Sacred Cottage and Penlan, which were built around the same time, are white with black timbers. Still, I think it looks better off-white and grey than the stark white and black.

Fancy stonework

We're making some progress at Pottery Cottage. The stone masons finished the steps up to the garden room and around the little terrace and path. I love the stonework, and the best part is that every single stone was reclaimed from the house. The garden is looking great, now we just need somewhere to live!

Fun with the Ffordes

Toasting marshmallows and big brush painting with pals Tabby and Stella Fforde at a free play day at Gwernyfed High School. Thank you Powys CC!

Sethie had his first sleep-over, at Tabby Fforde's. Bo missed him terribly and the next morning he opened his eyes and the same second said 'Where's Seth? Is he still going to be my friend?!'
Thanks again to Jasper for some lovely pics of the boys.

The morning after

After chatting until 4am, a long morning at a vintage steam rally, and an incident on the Begwyns where Seth fell from a tree and was saved by his underpants, we all needed a drink at the pub.

Vintage rally madness

Happy happy birthday

Ol's birthday...with not one photo taken of the birthday boy, oops!

Crazy but true

I'm sure once the cottage is finished and we've been living there for some years it all blur a little and it will seem too crazy that we live all lived in one room for four months during one of the rainiest summers on record, having to cook and eat on the building site. So here are a couple of photos to remind me it really was like this, and how much the imps enjoyed it!

Monday, 20 August 2012

Penny chews and aliens

Today I took Seth to the sweetie shop in Coggeshall and in a fit of generosity let him choose ten penny sweets for himself.
He was so happy and as he pedalled his way home he said: 'Mama, all my life I'm going to talk about the day I went to the sweet shop...'. 

Don't be fooled by that angelic face, take a look at what he did to his brother's face this morning (Bo has been in character since, as an alien, in case you're wondering):

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


The imps in Hay today walking the streets roarrring at people