Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Stormy night in Budapest

Tucked up inside a friend's fabulous pad overlooking the Basilica in Budapest as rain, lighting and thunder crash down outside. Time for a blog catch up...

Friday, 8 July 2011

I couldn't resist...

... a pottery flan dish! Just the thing I need to take around Europe for a month in my rucksack. Bought today at Jean-Nicolas Gerard's wonderful atelier in Valensole.

A year on...

A year since we left India and Seth almost every night moves from his bed to sleep on the floor, he prefers to walk barefoot, he still calls me Ammee, and if it's his choice, will eat or cook on the floor like he used to do with the cooks in Cochin and Bangalore.

Friday, 1 July 2011

What if I left?

Seth's taken to telling me he needs me or misses me if I leave him to go out for a run or to run an errand. I suppose I've been with him with barely a break for the last three months, with not much other company for either of us. 

I've been thinking about whether I could leave them for two weeks because I've been asked to go to Mongolia to furnish an apartment. A very tempting offer, but I'm not sure it's fair on the boys while we're in this limbo state with no home and their Mama is their one constant. 

Mind you, tonight Ollie proposed to Seth that we go off on holiday without him and Bo, and asked what would he would do without us. Quite unfazed he said, 'er, some girls would come and look after us'. So maybe I'm not so necessary after all. 

Out of the blue

A postman on a motorbike rang our bell today and gave me 27 Euros in cash, a refund for the letter I'd sent to England which hadn't arrived on time. What a civilised country!