Monday, 8 March 2010

The House on Bolivar - location ready

The contract for this amazing old mansion house on Bolivar street in San Telmo, between Avenida Caseros and Brasil, is now available to hire for photo shoots, commercials and other art productions. Contact me at

For photos see the flickr album here

Tomando mate

I'm very chuffed to be working as a design consultant on an exciting new mate business. I can't say more now, but I hope to show later how some I've weaved some of the best of Argentine design and artesanal products into this project.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Alma Singer Sings

Cute new banner spotted on the Argentine design blog Alma Singer Sings by lovely Vero Mariani of Perfil Home.

Wall Blu!

So, when I casually mentioned (two posts ago) the fab graffiti art on the wall opposite Jorge's studio in La Boca I had no clue that little Italian dude was actually Blu, one of the world's best street artists! He was in Buenos Aires painting walls for his animation MOTO, which you can watch here.

These photos show the wall painted up with the animation track lines, and the final work in progress. Scroll down to my earlier post to see how he finished it.

Photos are taken from Blu's very cool sketchbook blog