Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Product: Ceramic bowls

Angeles Castro Corbat's misshapen, multicoloured bowls are now on sale at Anthropologie for 32 USD each. They also feature in a display in the December 09 catalogue. They look fantastic!

Products: Bubble rug & African hat cushions

The latest gallery night at Elementos Argentinos featured a 'rug' made from bubble wrap with woven baubles in bold colours. The artist is from Salta and her family has a tradition of the women weaving a rug for the daughters when they get married. Still single, she recently moved to Buenos Aires, so made this rug for herself. The popping of the bubbles represents the women chattering as they make the rug.

Monday, 14 December 2009

News: 81 chairs en route to Anthropologie

At 8am this morning the truck arrived and took the 80 single chairs plus 1 double seater chair off to the port. On December 15 they'll be shipped to New York, and I can't wait to see photos of them in store at Anthropologie (complete with cushions supplied by Anthro).

'The Boca Collection' are 80 iron frame garden chairs that I found in different locations in Buenos Aires city and province. Each were stripped back and painted in different colours - a pink, blue, yellow, orange, light green and dark green - matched to a row of painted houses alongside the railway line in La Boca neighbourhood of Buenos Aires. I rented a great workshop space, also in La Boca, where Jorge Hadad and team worked on the chairs and packed them ready for shipping.

Eight months since Keith Johnson had the idea for this collection of chair during the filming of Man Shops Globe - Argentina it was a huge relief to finally finish the job. I hope they sell well!