Tuesday, 15 September 2015


I've started a new blog: www.abookadayinhay.wordpress.com 
I do hope to return to this one though, but need a new focus for it... 

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Back to blogging

Well, it has been a long time. My Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest seem the easiest way to share photos and I haven't felt inspired to write blog posts. I'm missing the blog though, so will trial a return to it. Alongside this one, which I will keep quite personal, I'm developing another, for a big project I'm developing. More on that soon. For now though, back to doblemdesign blogging... 

Call back in again soon. 

Emma X

Monday, 17 March 2014

A Great Welsh Adventure

Spotted taking a photo (at 'The King of Hay' Richard Booth's birthday party at The Globe last summer), in the final series of Griff Rhys Jones' Great Welsh Adventure on BBC1.

Boys ski-venture

The latest Balch boy-venture was a ski-venture in Switzerland. Ollie took Seth and Bo off to London for a night with Macu (Seth's godmother) and Jamie before flying to Zurich and then by train (with a playground carriage) to Bern. They were guests of our ex-neighbours in Buenos Aires, Emma and Per from Sweden, whose son Julius was born a couple of months after Seth. We've stayed in touch and visited them two years ago on our inter-railing trip around Europe. Julius is not even five but already a pro on the slopes. The three imps hit it off and by the sounds of it caused a lot of noise and chaos in what I imagine is their usually calm and quiet flat!

Here are the boys all set to go...

Bo still unconvinced....

Sethie taking a break below the Eiger.

In the end he loved it!


New (old) wheels

Walking the Cat's Back

Fabulous views when walking the Cat's Back and the Olchon Valley this weekend. Fresh air in my lungs after last weekend in the Big Smoke.

Springtime at the Warren

Our first sunny afternoon down at the Warren in Hay. The levels of the River Wye have dropped and the pebbled beach is back so we had a lazy aft skimming stones, building mud rock castles and damns.

Ah, resting briefly on the Wye Valley Walk from Hay Bridge to the Warren.

Across the meadow towards the beach and The Net House.

Portrait by Sethie - with photographer's shadow.

Paddy's Day Pens

Sunday, 16 February 2014

To have and to hold?

I'm running out of wall space at Pottery Cottage, not least because there are 22 windows, but maybe I can find a place for these pigeon holes? They're more sturdy than most wirework shelves I have seen, and I can think of many things (stationary, shoes, toys, books, ceramics, plants) they could be used to hold. What do you think, should I buy them? 

My not-so-secret admirer

Familiar handwriting on 14th Feburary...same admirer has sent cards to my sister and I for 30+ years. I think the idea is he never wanted a year to go by when his girls didn't receive a card on Valentine's Day, so he sends one each year just to be sure. I've kept most of them.

Thanks Pa! X

Shades of Green

Masks behind closed doors

In a non-descript looking office space above an estate agents in Hay, I found these... 

From a visit to the studio of Circo Gringo

A walk in the woods

A wibbly-wobbly one

Weeks of wobbling and it STILL hasn't fallen out. 

The End

I am very excited to be working on a joint project with two very talented people in Hay. I can't say more at this point, but these photos are a small taster!